Factors affecting the life of seamless square pipe

In fact, welded seamless square pipe is related to the service life of seamless square pipe, seamless square pipe is not rusty? Most people think stainless steel never rusts. Under certain conditions, some stainless steel materials with low nickel content may also rust. Seamless square tube in acid, alkali, salt medium with atmospheric oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. However, the corrosion resistance of steel varies with its chemical composition, additive status, service conditions and type of media. Therefore, not any kind of stainless steel can resist corrosion and rust under all conditions. Stainless steel is the surface of the formation of a thin and firm, chromium-rich oxide film to prevent oxygen atoms from penetrating the oxide layer, and corrosion resistance. If the membrane is damaged, the seamless square tube will lose its rust resistance. In daily life, there are four common environments that can rust seamless square pipes:

1. In the case of water and oxygen, organic acid is formed on the surface of seamless square tube, which will corrode the metal surface for a long time.

2. When condensate water is encountered in the polluted air, liquid points such as acetic acid will be formed, and seamless square pipes will cause chemical corrosion.

3. There is dust containing other metal elements or dissimilar metal particles attached to the surface of seamless square pipe.

In the air, the condensed water between the attachment and stainless steel connects it to form a microbattery, causing an electrochemical reaction and a protective film, which is called electrochemical corrosion. Seamless square pipe from the production process is divided into seamless square pipe and cold seamless square pipe it is because the processing of these two kinds of seamless square pipe is not the same, which has created a lot of different physical and chemical properties. Generally speaking, there are many differences in strength, toughness and mechanical properties.

Post time: Dec-02-2022