Caliber classification basis for seamless steel tubes

If the seamless steel pipe is used for water, gas conveying pipe, the project diameter is the inner diameter, the unit is: mm, inch; If it is used as welded steel pipe, the nominal diameter is outer diameter (outer diameter × wall thickness), and the unit is mm.
The diameter of any pipe can be divided into outer diameter, inner diameter and nominal diameter. When seamless steel pipe is selected, the outer diameter is denoted by D, and the outer diameter size and wall thickness are added.
Seamless steel pipe belongs to a form of steel pipe, in the caliber of the classification is also according to the caliber of ordinary steel pipe. When the outer diameter > 1000mm, known as large diameter seamless steel pipe, when the outer diameter is less than a certain number of millimeters, known as small diameter seamless steel pipe.
The large diameter seamless steel pipe is made of the whole piece of steel raw material after drilling into the pipe raw material, let it go through a variety of processes such as hot and cold rolling, become seamless steel pipe. The caliber of the mold is determined by the prior selection of the mold. Under normal circumstances, steel pipe enterprises are made into the corresponding caliber according to the specific requirements of customers.
Large-diameter seamless steel tube surface should be added a coating to make it up to avoid cold, prevent corrosion process of large diameter pipe of large diameter 1200 mm, according to the different USES, large diameter pipe surface can daub polyethylene, resin coating, the coating has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance effect, can effectively protect the seamless steel tube.
When liquids and other materials are transferred through seamless steel tubes, the surface coating can effectively prevent contamination of internal impurities through pipes, thus improving the quality of finished products.

Post time: May-13-2022