Characteristics of U beam

U Beam is beautiful in appearance and light in weight. The subway cars can be half surrounded, so that the train runs in the air ‘trough’; The side wall of the beam body is equipped with a sound absorbing panel, which can effectively absorb the noise emitted by the train and reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.

The overall design of the force balance, the internal mold hydraulic closing, easy to use, the design of the internal mold lifting system is reasonable, the overall balance and reliable lifting, the side mold stripping is convenient and fast, the side mold end section is set up with a single block, the bottom mold diameter section is released before rotating down, the end mold design is convenient to remove the mold.

The U-beam structure itself has the function of blocking vehicle wheel and rail noise, which greatly reduces the consumption of sound barrier of viaduct (the sound barrier with a service life of about 15 years, needs to be replaced many times in the service life of bridge structure 100 years). In addition, the concrete section of the bottom plate of U-beam structure is greatly reduced compared with the traditional box beam, therefore, The use of U-beam system will effectively reduce the construction and operation costs.

The top of the upper flange of the “U” beam is at the same height as the bottom plate of the subway vehicle. In case of emergency, it can be used as an emergency evacuation channel to provide convenience for passengers. At the same time, because the vehicle is protected by the web on both sides of the overall structure of the “U” beam, the safety is further improved compared with other elevated structures because it does not need to consider the anti-collision function like the traditional elevated structures.

1, the overall design force balance

The external mould oblique pole, the external mould bottom pole, the internal mould horizontal pole, the internal mould oblique pole, the internal mould beam (plays the role of pulling the side mould and preventing the internal mould floating), the composition of a robust mechanical balance system, the internal mould floating control in the pouring process within 5mm.

2. The inner mold is convenient to close

Start the pump station, complete the closing and closing of the inner mold on both sides within 20 minutes, and reach the hoisting state. Through the reasonable setting of the internal mold turning point, the full rotation path of the internal mold is an involute line, which is easy to release the mold.

3. The design of the inner mold hoisting system is reasonable, and the overall hoisting is stable and reliable.

4, side mold demoulding is convenient and quick.

5. Considering the tension of the side die end joint, the setting of single disassembly is fast.

6, the bottom die diameter section, considering the release of tension, release before rotating falling.

7, the end mold design is convenient to remove the mold

(1) Tensioning method U beam end die: the middle section of the bottom plate of the end die is provided with a figure eight mouth, which is convenient to remove the die.

(2) Post-tensioning U beam end mold: web anchor box can be rotated to cope with the Angle changes of different beam beams.

Post time: Sep-16-2022