Knowledge of cold drawn round steel

Cold drawn round steel, in fact, is one of the cold drawn steel, how much do you know about cold drawn round steel? The following is the relevant cold-drawn round steel

1. What is the difference between square steel, flat steel and strip steel? In addition, cold drawn round steel and cold drawn flat steel?

The difference between square steel, flat steel and strip steel is that the section shape of square steel is square, while that of flat steel is rectangular. Bar steel, which is generally round steel or wire, is finished. And cold drawn round steel and cold drawn flat steel, these two in the shape of the section, is also the difference, in addition, in the performance, is also different.

2. Cold-drawn round steel, whether it belongs to cold-drawn steel? How do you bend it?

Cold-drawn round steel. From the professional point of view, cold-drawn round steel refers to a cold-drawn steel with a square forging shape, so it belongs to cold-drawn steel. The bending of this kind of square steel can be improved by recrystallization annealing, and then the bending work is carried out by bending machine. After that, the work hardening problem is eliminated for recrystallization annealing, and at the same time, the plasticity and toughness of the material are restored.

3. How to straighten cold-drawn round steel?

Cold-drawn round steel belongs to cold-drawn steel, and its straightening can be carried out manually. Generally speaking, the equipment of press will be used. As for the amount of press, it depends on the actual situation and previous experience. At the same time, when pressing, you can also know the amount of pressure and rebound through the instrument, so that you have a good idea.

The above is to introduce the relevant knowledge of cold drawn round steel, I hope it will help you.

Post time: Aug-26-2022