Process flow of flat steel

Flat bar steel is a type of several varieties of steel, according to the shape of its section can be divided into simple section steel and complex section rod, which simple section rod refers to hot rolled flat rod, triangular rod foot rod round rod square rod and so on, and complex section steel includes window steel, curved section steel, rail, channel steel, I-steel and so on.

Lateral bending refers to the bending of flat steel in the horizontal plane, usually due to improper adjustment, so that one side of the incoming material is thick, one side is thin, or the roll gap is narrowed at the same time, resulting in the rolled parts in the rolling of the two sides of the extension is different, bending to one side. Plane bending refers to the bending of flat steel on the vertical surface, which is mainly caused by the instantaneous speed difference between the upper and lower rollers. The flat steel rolled by flat steel is formed by the pressure of the upper wing or the lower bend. In addition, the initial forging temperature of flat steel smelting is too small, the installation of outlet guide is too low or too high, the transmission connection device is worn seriously, the gap is too large, and the instantaneous speed of rolling roll is not equal, so that the flat steel produces wave bending; In addition, when the rolled piece is cooled and handled improperly, the rolled piece will bend.

Flat steel its specifications are special, the length is 5~15 meters, its width is between 150 mm to 625 mm, the thickness is 8 mm to 50 mm, and the spacing between the specifications of its products is relatively intensive, can meet the needs of users, can replace the use of medium plate, and do not need to cut can be directly applied to welding between, what is the medium plate? The medium plate is a flat plate with a relatively large width to thickness ratio and surface area. Just now in practical application, people often call the steel plate less than or equal to 25 mm thickness as the final plate, and the steel plate between 25 mm and 60 mm thickness as the thick plate. Flat steel its product surface is relatively smooth, in the production process can use two high pressure water dephosphorization process to ensure the surface of the joint degree.

Post time: Mar-10-2023