Process flow of hot-dip galvanized Angle steel

Galvanized Angle steel raw materials before galvanized inspection belongs to the pre-plating range of hot dip galvanizing, which is the first process of hot dip galvanizing production, to check whether the Angle steel meets the requirements of galvanized.

Check whether the workpiece has hanging holes for processing, ear seat, etc., if there is no hanging point, it is necessary to open the system or welding production, the specific opening position and size, it is best to communicate with the customer first, understand the customer sent Angle steel process performance requirements, to avoid the destruction of Angle steel performance.

Check whether the Angle steel has the zinc extraction required for zinc dipping and the process holes required for zinc liquid reflux. Otherwise, it is necessary to determine the opening and making position and size, which also needs to be communicated with the customer.

According to the corrosion degree of the Angle steel surface, whether the covering can be removed after pickling, whether there are paint, oil and other pollutants, and according to its nature, characteristics, decide to use fire, mechanical grinding, alkali washing and other removal methods.

The process flow of hot-dip galvanized Angle steel is as follows.

Alkali wash, degreasing.

Alkali washing method and degreasing method belong to the pretreatment of hot dip galvanizing. The main process content is to eliminate oil stains and coatings on the surface of Angle steel, especially to pay attention to paint removal. The production department has an example, alkali washing, pickling ineffective, fire can be burnt, but still stick, after analysis that it is paint, so the use of special cleaning agent can be effectively removed.

Pickling belongs to the pretreatment process of hot dip galvanizing, its main process content is to remove rust, oxide sheet, deposited salt and other coating.

Inspection and treatment after pickling.

The inspection treatment after pickling belongs to the pretreatment of hot dip galvanizing. Its main process content is to check whether the pickling defects and surface quality of pickling Angle steel are ideal, and to take corresponding measures. If pickling is not sufficient, it is necessary to pickling again or extend the pickling time; If the pickling before treatment is not thorough, then re-treatment and pickling.

Washed Angle steel.

Remove the residual impurities on the surface of Angle steel, such as alkali water and acid lotion, and ferric salt attachments.

Leaching coplating solution.

Zinc dipping coplating solution, make the surface of the Angle steel more clean, protect the surface of the Angle steel before zinc dipping, reduce or avoid secondary rust.

Post time: Feb-17-2023