Selection of process form of cold-drawn seamless steel tube

Cold rolling/cold drawing is the production method of seamless steel tube, there are cold rolling + cold drawing and other mixing modes. Cold drawing equipment is simple, less investment, simple operation and maintenance. Cold rolling equipment complex, investment, less intermediate process, high yield, high size/surface precision, suitable for high precision, very thin wall precision production.
Seamless steel pipe is a common metallurgical metal, cold drawing using hydraulic high precision cold drawing machine under the action of drawing force, through the specified shape, size grinding tool, after pretreatment, hot rolled steel pipe hardening, and produce plasticity, and then form seamless steel pipe.
Limited by the number and cost of rolling mill roll pass, the finished product specifications are less, the quality of cold rolling/cold drawing joint production is better, the processing cycle is short, the middle degreasing, heat treatment, shrinkage, correction and other procedures are less, energy saving can be achieved, but also reduce metal consumption.
Cold-drawn precision seamless steel pipe is mainly used for mechanical structure and hydraulic equipment, requiring high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. Select special manufacturing machinery, save processing time, improve utilization rate, more conducive to improve quality.
After cold drawing, it can meet the technical requirements of petroleum, automobile, aviation, automobile and other departments with rapid development in recent years. Therefore, cold drawing seamless steel tube is also an effective way to produce precision thin-wall tube.

Post time: May-12-2022