Steel bar processing process

Steel processing generally through four processes: steel rust removal; Steel bar straightening; Steel bar cutting; Steel bar forming.

When the bar joint is connected with straight thread or taper thread, it is necessary to increase the bar end upsetting and thread processing. Reinforcement batching and replacement Reinforcement replacement

(1) When replacing the steel bar specified in the design document with a steel bar of another steel size or diameter, the following provisions shall be observed:

It should be carried out according to the principle that the design value of the steel bearing capacity is equal, and the steel bar replacement should meet the structural requirements such as the stipulated steel bar spacing, anchorage length and z small steel bar diameter.

It is advisable to change the diameter of reinforcing bars rather than the number of reinforcing bars to reduce the cross-sectional area of reinforcing bars when replacing lower reinforcing bars with higher reinforcing bars.

(2) When reinforcing bars of one diameter with the same steel number are used to replace reinforcing bars of another diameter, the diameter variation range should not exceed 4mm, and the ratio of the total section area of reinforcing bars to the section area specified in the design document should not be less than 98% or more than 103% after the change.

(3) When the main reinforcement is replaced with the same steel number, the spacing should be kept unchanged. Two types of reinforcement spacing configuration can be replaced with diameters larger and smaller than the diameter of the design reinforcement.

In the processing of reinforcement, the following points should be paid attention to:

(1) The surface of the steel bar should be clean, and the oil, soil and rust attached must be cleaned up before use. The rust removal can be combined with the cold drawing process.

(2) steel bar straightening, can be mechanical or manual straightening. After being straightened, the steel bar shall not have local bending, dead bending or wavelike shape, and the surface scars shall not reduce the section of the steel bar by 5%.

(3) reinforcement cutting should be based on reinforcement number, diameter, length and quantity, length collocation, first cut long material after short material, as far as possible to reduce and shorten the short head of reinforcement, in order to save steel.

Post time: Mar-17-2023