Storage requirements for thick wall seamless steel pipe

Making ring parts with Thick wall seamless steel pipe can improve the material utilization rate, simplify the manufacturing process, save the material and processing time, such as rolling bearing ring, jack cover, etc., has been widely used in steel tube manufacturing.

In fact, the Thick wall seamless steel pipe is more “sensitive”. It must be maintained in the whole process of Pu ‘er tea, and its placement in the storage process is also very important. If the arrangement is unreasonable, it may lead to rust and other conditions.

A, Thick wall seamless steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe is not can deposit together, because of the carbon steel pipes and Thick wall seamless steel pipe base material is not the same, under the moist environment, if the carbon steel pipe with Thick wall seamless steel pipe sedimentation is easy to produce chemical changes, then destroy the protective layer of Thick wall seamless steel pipe, led to the Thick wall seamless steel pipe corrosion.

Two, not the same stainless steel plate deposited together touch words will produce phase difference, leading to electrochemical etching, especially in water storage, can not distinguish thick wall seamless steel pipe and carbon steel pipe in the middle of the electrochemical etching rate will be accelerated.

Three, as the battery principle, in the chemical battery mechanical energy immediately converted to electromagnetic energy is due to the rechargeable battery internal structure of the air oxidation recovery reflection. In order to avoid electrochemical reaction and nitriding of thick wall seamless steel pipe, the two should not be deposited together as much as possible. But the normal temperature state when the carbon steel and stainless steel plate contact the countersunk head is not easy to immediately produce nitriding phenomenon, thick wall seamless steel pipe above the colorful rust is a certain time will be shown.

It is suggested that the thick wall seamless steel pipe should be placed in a clean and naturally ventilated condition during the whole process of placement, and removed immediately, so as to prevent the rust of the thick wall seamless steel pipe, increase the service time of pipe fittings, and ensure its quality.

Post time: Aug-01-2022