The use of seamless square tube

For example, in the process of handling due to the soft texture, seamless square tube after film processing has a certain ability to scratch resistance. Often present subtle scratches, eventually resulting in appearance defects, and if the film in this aspect after a little better fine processing will not present the problem, for example, in the cutting, bending and other processing to ensure a good appearance or propose the use of film. On the appearance of the seamless square tube request high can directly choose to stop the film in the opening equipment, so that in the packaging, transportation process will not show scratches, and can effectively prevent static problems. Low melting point, good casting performance. Mechanical properties have a great relationship with its purity, industrial seamless square tube strength is low, not only in a certain level still adhere to the inherent characteristics of aluminum, but also significantly improve the hardness and strength. When some aluminum alloys are used as structural materials, their strength can surpass that of ordinary structural steel. When some alloy seamless square tubes are used as die materials, their service life can exceed that of ordinary die steel. Aluminum and a variety of aluminum alloys are excellent ductility, can stop a variety of plastic processing. Because the seamless square tube is coated with modified epoxy powder, the oil cracking tube can be fused with the inner and outer walls of the seamless tube at high temperature after being dissolved by heating. In turn, it is integrated with seamless steel pipes. The oil cracking pipe has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and smooth boundary layer. The application of seamless square tube can flow resistance, so as to save resources reasonably. Now let me learn about the excellent features of seamless square tube. A composite structure with an epoxy coating on the inside and outside and a welded tube in the middle for structural reinforcement. This combination of structures makes the pipe more reliable. Large diameter rectangular pipe in a variety of corrosion is not easy to corrosion, coefficient comparison.

Post time: Jan-06-2023