Application of cold rolled steel coil

Cold-rolled steel coil is more common in industrial applications. In daily life, cold-rolled steel coil has few application fields and application scenarios, and the product liquidity is low. This article will introduce the application of cold-rolled steel coil.

Cold rolled coil is steel strengthened by cold rolling. In contrast to hot rolling, the cold rolling process can only be performed when the temperature of a particular metal is below its recrystallization temperature. Unlike hot rolling, which uses high temperatures, cold rolling is performed at ambient temperatures. As a result, the metal may undergo structural changes due to mechanical application of high stress without the need for heat. In addition, the strength of the metal can be increased by up to 20% through strain hardening, which also ensures improved metal surface quality.

Cold-rolled stainless steel coils can be precision-manufactured to produce metals with unusually rigid cross-sectional tolerances. Cold rolled stainless steel can reach different degrees of hardness in the finishing process. There are three main distinctions in the market for hard inventory: quarter, half, and all. This leads to a trade-off between the yield point and the ductility requirements of the steel. The more yield points, the less ductility measurement. The cold rolling process is used in medium tensile applications where high uniform ductility is required.

In addition, cold rolling can be used in situations where the metal needs to be bent without the threat of breaking.

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Post time: Feb-24-2023