Application of Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a kind of metal material widely used in industry and construction. This shows the importance of seamless steel pipe. High pressure boiler tube has a very wide range of applications in boiler production and manufacturing, seamless steel pipe has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance. A voltage of less than 5 volts is applied through electrodes to a seamless steel pipe, known as an industrial vessel due to its hollow structure and lack of weld seams.

Electrodes with seamless pipe has larger electric current through the contact, can produce a large amount of heat resistance, make seamless steel pipe surface heating to the quenching temperature, and then remove the electrode, heat into seamless pipe internal and surface cooling rapidly, the purpose of quenching, quenching electrolysis Will seamless pipe in the electrolyte, the seamless pipe connect the cathode, anode electrolyzer. The expansion tank can compensate the change of cooling water volume of the system caused by the change of temperature and water leakage, stabilize the operation of the cooling system, and judge the leakage of the system and reasonably replenish soft water through the change of water level in the tank.

The air cooler consists of a fan and a radiator, which dissipates heat to lower the temperature of the cooling water. The function of the hot air enclosure pipe is to evenly distribute the hot air sent by the hot air main pipe to each air supply branch pipe. The hot air pipe and hot air pipe are welded by steel plate, and the inner lining of the seamless steel pipe is made of refractory forest material. In order not to affect the operation in front of the furnace, the hot air pipe is hung, and the hot air pipe is hung on the beam. The hot air pipe has the same inner diameter as the hot air pipe and is related to the blast furnace volume. The seamless steel pipe aluminum melt enters the circular reaction chamber tangentially from the inlet of the reactor, causing the melt to rotate in it. The lower part of the reaction chamber is equipped with a gas nozzle to disperse small bubbles. With the help of melt rotation, the bubbles are evenly dispersed to the whole reactor to achieve purification effect. The process of melt entering the ceramic foam filter from the reaction chamber can further remove non-metallic impurities.

Post time: Jul-27-2022