How to process galvanized square tube electroplating

Galvanized square tube processing industry said that Galvanized square tube because of its excellent corrosion resistance, deep processing molding, painting and weld ability, as well as good surface quality and inductive mechanical function is widely used in the construction of steel structure, car production, mechanical production, bridge construction, container keel, ship production and other fields.

Galvanized square tube how to process electroplating?

Galvanized square tube processing is the use of the principle of electrolysis, through the electrolytic process of metal ions on the surface of the product accumulation of a layer of metal or alloy layer, in order to change the physical and chemical functions of the surface of the product, after all, the galvanized sheet has wear resistance, decoration and impact resistance.

Galvanized square tube processing electroplating process mainly includes pretreatment, electroplating and post-plating process. The quality of the coating depends on the plating process of the material, and the plating process is affected by many factors. Here are six factors:

(1) Sodium hydroxide: sodium hydroxide has a two-layer effect on the reaction. When its content is too high, scorching phenomenon is easy to occur in the process of high-temperature operation; When its content is too low, the solution can be lax, which will reduce the quality of the zinc layer.

②, iron content: when the iron content is too high, there will be more iron in the coating, which will lead to insufficient brightness of the passivation film; If the iron content is too low, the iron content in the galvanized layer will be low, which will reduce the corrosion resistance of the car plate, and will lead to the olive surface of the car plate.

③ Temperature: in the process of electroplating, too high temperature will lead to lax solution to decrease, iron content in the coating increases, passivation is not uniform; When the reaction temperature is too low, the high current density area will be briefly scorched, the coating brittleness is larger and the accumulation speed is slow.

Cathode moving speed: It is necessary to ensure that the cathode is in a moving state during the plating process. If the moving speed is too fast, the coating in the high current density area will be rough in the plating process. The moving speed is too slow and airflow may occur, resulting in uneven material coating.

Post time: Nov-18-2022