Production and storage of spiral steel pipe

Spiral steel pipe is a kind of welded steel pipe made of strip steel or coil plate after opening, milling, forming, welding, cutting, beveling, hydrostatic test, mechanical property test and X-ray detection. Due to the spiral shape of the weld, it is called spiral steel pipe, also known as spiral welding pipe, double-sided submerged arc welding steel pipe. The diameter of spiral steel pipe is 219-4020mm and the wall thickness is 4-25mm. The steel pipe with larger diameter can be produced with narrow raw materials.

Spiral steel pipe can be used in many industries, the main application object is medium and low pressure pipeline. Spiral steel pipe is mainly used in oil and gas pipeline and more strict municipal projects, such as water supply pipeline, heat pipeline and so on. Spiral steel pipe can also be used in water supply and drainage pipes, sewage pipes, piling engineering, structural pillar and other projects.

Spiral tube storage

1. Oiling and marking: The qualified steel pipes shall be oiled to prevent corrosion, and marked according to user requirements.

2, leveling edge milling: through the anvil machine to make the original curled steel plate flat, the first video sports through the milling machine on the two edges of the steel plate for double-sided milling, to achieve the required plate width, plate edge parallelism and groove shape.

3. Shear forming: in the production line, the steel plate is coiled into a tube along the outer spiral.

4, butt welding cutting: using advanced double-sided submerged arc welding technology for pre-welding, internal welding, external welding. The welded steel pipe is cut to standard length using plasma ruler.

5. Visual inspection: some basic parameters shall be checked by professional and technical personnel.

6. Ultrasonic flaw detection: 100% inspection of the internal and external weld and the base metal on both sides of the weld.

7, X-ray inspection: 100% X-ray industrial television inspection of internal and external welds, the use of image processing system to ensure the sensitivity of flaw detection

Post time: Sep-23-2022