Welding process of 904l stainless steel sheet

Welding process of 904l stainless steel sheet:
The 904L stainless steel welding process method belongs to the low-carbon dual-phase austenitic stainless steel welding process. It adopts two steps of manual tungsten electrode[wiki]argon[/wiki] arc welding and pickling and passivation treatment on the weld surface. First, handle the joints to be welded, use filler metal made of the same material as 904L, pour cold water on the weld while welding, control the welding temperature below 80°C, and control the welding speed above 45-50 cm/min , the width-depth ratio of the weld is kept between 1.5:1 and 2:1, and the thickness of the weldment is less than or equal to 12mm. Then pickling passivation treatment is performed on the weld surface. Its advantage is that in low temperature welding, the transformation between molecules does not occur in 904L stainless steel, which avoids the phenomenon of brittle transformation, and also avoids the occurrence of defects such as intergranular[wiki]corrosion[/wiki] and hot cracks during welding. the overall deformation of the weldment. It can give full play to the instinct of 904L stainless steel itself to resist acid, alkali and high temperature corrosion, and greatly prolong the service life.

Post time: May-31-2022